OMG!!! I have a blog dying of starvation

Don’t panic. As irrelevant as it could seem, this blog will stay here  for long; just for the sake of the time we could have used but instead just wasted.

I’m really a busy guy (and know we all are btw), who employs his time working on a myriad of things… from which he only finishes those he gets paid for.  As is my custom, I like to watch over myself and find patterns of behavior. That’s why I amuse myself seeing how our micro-planning level is guided more by the mood and the instant motivation than by our highest goals in life.

But the fact is that our human experience is built from a set of little samples of time weaved in a sort of continuous fabric. And therefore we really don’t have the control of our lives.

Oh, if you are a successful (whatever it means) student, professional, father or another, you should be thinking that I’m being carried over by my feelings at the moment, and am overly pessimistic. And, oh, yes, you are quite right. But as I suppose, you also have your pessimistic moments; which only favors my argument =).

On the other hand (yeah, I know you still have your point), I’ve been quite lucky in life and managed to get where I wanted. But that wasn’t by a continuous, persistent, and managed effort towards one goal, but instead by singularities, or selected actions in specific moments. An impulse-function-of-effort that changed the path of what would have been an otherwise boring existence.  Of course, The biggest thinks I’ve done comprise not one, but many of those impulses.

So our life is mostly we fighting against our basic desires: I’m hungry right know, I’d rather drink beer all night,  let’s do whatever-different-from-what-we-should, or better just content omitted to keep PG-13 rating. Nonetheless, to put an end to this seemingly endless rant against our nature, I acknowledge sometimes there really are brief, sustained, and pleasing efforts towards a goal.

Our enlightenment moments.

When we’re being productive, happy and (the magic word) motivated. As I happen to think, motivation is all about identity and self-value. When we are motivated everything flows (Oh look! tautologies all over the way — popular definition of  motivation: “Motivation is the activation or energization of goal-oriented behavior”), and we feel good!

I’m heading to that elusive concept called Identity. Better regarded as a process than a value, a transformation if you prefer, is more important when built than when shown.

In order to not extend this post too much, I’ll stop here till next post, where I intend to show some connections between identity, motivation and what the hell is our purpose in this existence.

Blatantly without a single reference. Omitted a bad joke on the value of time by a female musician on a  well-regarded talk, a reference to a popular online encyclopedia (Ha, guess that one!), a book about identity construction by a blogger (soon saying blogger will be as informative as saying talker: one who talks),  and god knows what else because I should had been writing down those when I still remembered. The reference to the non-existent galactic encyclopedia is explicit enough.

See ya next time!!